History and Preservation Efforts

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Sue Ann Garcia
1st Vice President 

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2nd Vice President 


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The Historic Fleming Mansion
GFWC Woman's Club of Fairmont


History Expo 2013
Our WCF exhibit at the 2013 Marion County History Expo in the Courthouse

The GFWC WCF is one of the most active philantrophic organizations in Marion County. The ladies don't just sit around and sip tea! A primary project is the renovation and preservation of the historic Fleming Mansion itself. However, the Club is actively involved in many other projects. Following is just a sampling:

The Club donates to PURR, an organization dedicated to assisting feral cats, and we give them recycled newspapers for use in their facility. The Club is supportive of the local Boys and Girls Club which does after school programs for local children. Their funding has been cut drastically and the Club has stepped in to help. We donate to Camp Kno Koma [diabetes prevention] and to the United Way. We work with and support various projects of the Marion County Historical Society, including the History Day Expo at the Courthouse. The Woman's Club is financially supportive of the Campaign for Fairmont General Hospital. We donate to Hospice on a regular basis, and have donated furniture, clothing and miscellaneous household items. Several members volunteer at the Hospice store.

We work with Main Street Fairmont and the Community Development Partnership. Recent beautificaton efforts included replacing an eyesore sign in front of Veteran's Plaza, an abutment on Merchant Street that was painted and weeds removed. The Club has joined with the Partnership to form a Southside Neighborhood Committee. This is one of the last remaining residential neighborhood close to downtown. We have continued to clean up the neighborhood, removing trees and brush from the bank, planting hundreds of bulbs on our own property, challenging residents and businesses to paint and clean up their own properties, cleaning up closed business fronts and restoring buildings. We are presently working with the WV Department of Highways on the proposed Third Street bridge.

The Woman's Club recycles everything we can: paper, glass, metal, plastic. We recycle 100s of magazine to the Hospital and various other groups. When trees were cut down on our own property, the wood was donated to a group which uses a fire-driven kiln to make pottery. Old house gutters were also recycled.

A signature project is the support of HOPE, the local Domestic Violence shelter for women. We collect toiletries, towels, sheets and various other items, including wrapped Christmas presents. This is an on-going monthly project.

This year, led by Chair Mary Jo Thomas, we sponsored the Rhododendron Girl's State Project. We had 19 young ladies from three Marion County High Schools, and we obtained sponsors for all of them. Our Club held the orientation and reception for the girls, served refreshments and gave them all certificates. Several articles were published in the local paper.

We worked hard passing our flyers and speaking to local residents in an attempt to get the recent school bond passed. Mary Jo Thomas led this committee and personally spent hours on this project. The bond failed but we will always work to promote the improvement of education here in our county.

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